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* [ptxdist] [ANNOUNCE] PTXdist 2022.04.0 released
@ 2022-04-08  8:15 Michael Olbrich
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From: Michael Olbrich @ 2022-04-08  8:15 UTC (permalink / raw)
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I'm happy to announce that I've just released ptxdist-2022.04.0.

This release introduces two new commands: fast-bsp-report and
full-bsp-report. Both create a yaml file with lots of details about the BSP
and all the packages and images. The difference is that fast-bsp-report
works without building the whole BSP. It doesn't even need the source
archives. full-bsp-report on the other hand ensures that all packages are
built so it can report things like the ipkgs for each package.

The files are meant as input for custom tooling. For example to generate a
custom license report.

These files are by no means complete. I have some ideas to add some more
information and I open to suggestions if something is missing for you.

I've done some spring cleaning and moved a few old packages to staging.
Mostly obsolete stuff. The rest should now build with

There is a new ptx/image-install macro that can be used by bootloader and
similar packages to install files to platform-xxx/images/. It will ensure
that the files are removed when 'ptxdist clean <pkg>' is executed.

The rest are mostly version bumps and a few bugfixes and other smaller

Thanks to all contributors and - as always - the shortlog below.

Michael Olbrich

Alexander Dahl (6):
      libxslt: Add license file hash
      libxslt: version bump 1.1.34 -> 1.1.35
      libxml2: version bump 2.9.12 -> 2.9.13
      host-tz-database: version bump 2021e -> 2022a
      libcurl: Fix license
      libcurl: Add license file hash

Bastian Krause (3):
      wpewebkit: version bump 2.34.4 -> 2.34.6
      cog: version bump 0.12.0 -> 0.12.1
      gst-plugins-good1: select SYSTEMD_UDEV_PERSISTENT_V4L for systemd/v4l2 use case

Bruno Thomsen (1):
      openssl: version bump 1.1.1m -> 1.1.1n

Christian Melki (14):
      qemu: Add possibility to drop edk2 firmware.
      platforms/kernel: Add newline between config options.
      libjpeg: Version bump. 2.1.2 -> 2.1.3
      libxkbcommon: Version bump. 1.3.0 -> 1.4.0
      xkeyboard-config: Version bump. 2.33 -> 2.35.1
      u-boot: Add target name options.
      tpm2-tss: Version bump. 3.1.0 -> 3.2.0
      image-root-cpio: Add custom compressor and compressor options.
      zlib: Version bump. 1.2.11 -> 1.2.12
      hwdata: Version bump. 0.355 -> 0.357.
      libdrm: Version bump. 2.4.109 -> 2.4.110.
      libcap: Version bump. 2.62 -> 2.63.
      libgudev: Version bump. 236 -> 237.
      libevdev: Version bump. 1.11.0 -> 1.12.0

Linnea Gunnarsson (4):
      e2fsprogs: version bump 1.46.4 -> 1.46.5
      json-c: version bump 0.14 -> 0.15
      strace: version bump 5.16 -> 5.17
      libsndfile: version bump 1.0.31 -> 1.1.0

Michael Olbrich (45):
      rules: introduce new macros to install files to images/
      barebox: use ptx/image-install to install files
      barebox_mlo: use ptx/image-install to install files
      u-boot: use ptx/image-install to install files
      x-load: use ptx/image-install to install files
      expat: version bump 2.4.6 -> 2.4.7
      libtremor: version bump 1.0.3 -> 2018-03-19-g7c30a6634619
      qt5: version bump 5.15.2 -> 5.15.3
      efivar: fix building with binutils 2.36
      cbmbasic: move to staging
      libfsl-vpu: move to staging
      aumix: move to staging
      xorg-driver-video-ati: move to staging
      dropwatch: add upstream fixes for gcc 11 & 12
      freeglut: move to staging
      glibmm: move to staging
      hping: move to staging
      libnetpbm: move to staging
      lsh: move to staging
      mtr: move to staging
      nanocom: move to staging
      ncftp: move to staging
      opennhrp: move to staging
      quagga: move to staging
      bonniexx: move to staging
      poppler: move to staging
      atkmm: move to staging
      pangomm: move to staging
      wayland-protocols: version bump 1.24 -> 1.25
      seatd: specify a group to use
      kexec-tools: version bump 2.0.21 -> 2.0.23
      pam: don't use libnsl implicitly
      gdb: don't use xxhash implicitly
      qt5: more missing <limits>
      xkeyboard-config: drop unnecessary dependencies
      xkeyboard-config: drop old patches
      trace-cmd: install into lib not lib64 on 64 bit architectures
      qt5: add missing dependency
      tf-a: URL should not be quoted
      trace-cmd: use the correct libdir in the compile stage as well
      ptxd_make_license_compliance: remove unused variables
      ptxd_make_world_init: split out PTXDIST_LAYERS definition
      ptxd_make_world_license: generate yaml for ignored packages
      ptxdist: add commands to create generic yaml reports
      classpath: move to staging

Philipp Zabel (19):
      glslang: version bump ->
      spirv-headers: version bump ->
      spirv-tools: version bump ->
      vulkan-loader: version bump ->
      vulkan-tools: version bump ->
      vulkan-validationlayers: version bump ->
      trace-cmd: version bump 2.9.1 -> 2.9.7
      mesalib: version bump 21.3.7 -> 22.0.0
      gstreamer1: version bump 1.20.0 -> 1.20.1
      gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.20.0 -> 1.20.1
      gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.20.0 -> 1.20.1
      gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.20.0 -> 1.20.1
      gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.20.0 -> 1.20.1
      gst-devtools1: version bump 1.20.0 -> 1.20.1
      gst-libav1: version bump 1.20.0 -> 1.20.1
      gst-python1: version bump 1.20.0 -> 1.20.1
      gst-rtsp-server1: version bump 1.20.0 -> 1.20.1
      gstreamer-vaapi1: version bump 1.20.0 -> 1.20.1
      mesalib: version bump 22.0.0 -> 22.0.1

Rouven Czerwinski (4):
      host-python3: add pyelftools, cryptography checks
      optee: bump to 3.16.0, update deps
      optee-client: bump to 3.16.0
      optee-test: bump to 3.16.0, move from staging

Thorsten Scherer (1):
      libiio: Version bump 0.17 -> 0.23

Uwe Kleine-König (1):
      tf-a: Support enabling DEBUG via TF_A_EXTRA_ARGS

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2022-04-08  8:15 [ptxdist] [ANNOUNCE] PTXdist 2022.04.0 released Michael Olbrich

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